Flyspot are wind tunnels, world’s best free flying simulators, places where gravitation does not exist.

From a technical point of view, these are vertical 4,5-meter diameter tunnels with a closed air circulation, where the high power ventilators produce a uniform airstream at a speed of 330km per hour.

A wind tunnel is a technology that makes the eternal human dream of flying come true – free floating in the air, flying like a bird.

There are three Flyspots:

The first one is located in Mory, on the border of Warsaw and Ożarów Mazowiecki, right by the Warszawa Zachód highway junction.

The second one is located in Katowice across the street from the Silesia City Center shopping mall.

Their exact location can be found HERE

Flight reservation can be made HERE

Flyspot is also world’s best airliner Boeing 737-800NG simulator, where each aviation fan can play a role of a real-life jet captain.

You will find more about our Boeing 737-800 simulator HERE and you can book your flight in the captain’s seat HERE

Flyspot is a place where dreams come true. Come join us and lift yourself into the air!