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How it works:

  1. Place an order for FLYSPOT AFF package
  2. Pick the tunnel of your choice
  3. Wait until our instructor contacts you
  4. Set a date and time of your training
  5. Get ready for your AFF training under the supervision of the best FLYSPOT instructors

What you learn:

The training includes:

  1. Maintaining stable posture in the air
  2. Controlling direction and falling speed
  3. Communicating in the air
  4. Learning procedures prior to parachute opening

In other words, all you need to know to be perfectly prepared for your upcoming AFF training

Did you know that:

  1. FLYSPOT AFF package has all you need to prepare yourself for the AFF training. By ordering this package, you place yourself in the hands of an experienced instructor who will not only unveil the mystery of flying, but also get you ready to deal with stress accompanying skydiving.
  2. FLYSPOT AFF package costs less than 2 parachute jumps, yet time wise, it offers you the equivalency of as many as 30 traditional jumps.
  3. FLYSPOT AFF package allows you to train all the procedure from the moment you deploy to when you open your parachute. Our training means both comfortable and safe environment, time of your convenience regardless of the weather conditions.
  4. Training in the wind tunnel is the fastest, the least expensive, and the safest way to learn how to properly and safely perform parachute jumping.
  5. Flyspot instructors are the best as they come when it comes to introducing you to the world of parachute jumping.