Timmy Hunckler tunnel camp!

Athlete: Timmy Hunckler

Location: Flyspot Katowice

Date: 25.03 – 05.04.2019

Coaching style: Timmy loves slow speed and teaching dynamic flying


Timmy’s Achievements:

tunnel coach for 6 years and a skydiver for almost 9

was previously on a 4-way dynamic team based out of Portland OR

were invited to the Sakura Cup in Japan in 2018 and earned 3rd place

been skydiving for 8.5 years and have done a few comps with that, belly and VFS

share the skies with friends during the 2015 HD 164-way record and the 2016 HU 72-way record.



If You want to join this camp or have any questions, just contact us: camps@flyspot.com



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