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I'm a first timer, what should I choose?

We’ve prepared special packages, which let first timers enjoy free flying in our tunnel to the full. We have packages for all – the youngest, at a permanently discounted rate, people wishing to fly by themselves, those coming with a partner or even the whole family.. A single first timer package flight is the equivalent of a parachute jump from the altitude of 4000 metres. For those trying tunnel flying for the first time in their lives, we suggest ‘starter’ package. Naturally, ‘pro’ packages are also available for first timers. They provide an opportunity to discover what it’s like to fly freely in a wind tunnel, as well as to make the first attempts to steer your body in flight, which is the first step to joining an elite group of skydivers.

What do I get for the package price?

Every package includes an initial briefing, during which each flier learns the elementary rules of safe wind tunnel usage, rules of communication inside the tunnel and gets to know their instructor, whose task is to ensure safety. After the briefing, each flier is equipped with a flight suit (flying without a suit is impossible), a helmet, goggles and disposable ear plugs (it is quite loud inside the tunnel) and gets flying time included in the purchased package. After exiting the tunnel, each flier is awarded a certificate and is given an opportunity to save the video of their flight on the provided data storage medium.

How long is a single flight?

The time of a single flight more or less corresponds to the time of a 2 free fall from the altitude of 4000 metres in a tandem jump. In the case of a parachute jump, the free falling phase lasts about 45 seconds. In our wind tunnel, a single flight lasts 90 seconds. The reason for setting flight time at such a length is that tunnel flying, contrary to appearances, requires a lot of physical effort, during which some muscles, which we may not even know exist, are put to hard work. Moreover, 90 seconds of a surge of adrenalin and endorphin is really quite long. It is a really long, thrilling ninety seconds!

How many children / people can use up the Family package?

The family package is designed for two adults and one child in the STARTER version and two adults and a maximum of four children in the PRO version. It should be remembered that it is not possible to divide flights into smaller parts or to share tunnel time for several beginners at the same time.

How many children / persons does the family package include?

The family package includes two adults and a minimum of 1 child. You have to bear in mind, however, that it is not possible to divide the flights into chunks or to share tunnel time with other first time fliers.

What are the contraindications for a flight in the tunnel?

Flights in the tunnel are available for every average healthy person. Contraindications to the flight in the tunnel are:

  • back problems that prevent you from bending back safely
  • problems with shoulder joints
  • stroke or heart attack
  • mental disorders
  • state after drinking alcohol or intoxicants weight over 130 kg
  • in the case of women – pregnancy

What about payment? When and how should I pay?

If you book a package on www.flyspot.com, you can pay on the website through one of the available payment means. The amount due may be paid through PayPal, by a credit card or ordinary bank transfer. At the tunnel, you can pay by credit card or in cash.

Are there any safety measures? If so, what kind?

Before entering the tunnel, every flier is equipped with a helmet and a suit and receives a special briefing. Safety is ensured by a minimum of 2 persons at a time – an instructor in the flight chamber and the tunnel controller, who adjusts air speed and can instantly decrease tunnel power.

What if I panic or lose control inside the tunnel?

Don’t worry – an instructor, who ensures safety, will be around at all times. In the case of any difficulties, even minor ones, the instructor will react and help. Additionally, the conditions inside the tunnel – namely air speed – is adjusted to match a flier’s skills – so there is no reason to be concerned.

What does the briefing involve?

Wind tunnel training can be described as flying in a free flight simulator. To put it simply, it is a large tube with a vertical air stream, whose speed can be adjusted. In the tube you can float in the air freely, provided that you have undergone training and learned how to position your body in the air stream. If it is your first time in the tunnel, you will be taught the basics, including such things like body positioning and cooperation with the instructor, so that you can fully enjoy free flying.

Are you sure it is safe for kids?

The tunnel is safe for both – children and adults. Children from the age of 3 can fly in the tunnel – supervised by an instructor, naturally, who ensures the safety and comfort of the child. At that time, tunnel power is decreased to a very low level, which is safe for the young flier.

What technology do you use?

The technology used in tunnel construction was provided by Indoor Skydiving Germany. It is the world’s most modern technology, which incorporates innovative solutions.

Why do you call this technology innovative?

Information about particular solutions is confidential. In fact, it is the way the solutions have been put to use that matters. The solutions applied in our tunnel facilitate flying in the softest and most gentle air stream, which no other technology available in the market can generate.

Can I wear jewellery or a watch during the tunnel flight?

No, you can’t. You could lose your jewellery because of very strong air stream. Any elements carried by the air stream might cause injuries or damage to the tunnel equipment, so please make sure you have emptied your pockets and taken off jewellery and watches before you enter the tunnel.


Will tunnel training improve my skydiving skills?

Our tunnel simulates the experience of free flying very accurately.
Body position and movement is exactly the same as during an AFF jump.
As part of AFF preparatory wind tunnel training, you can practice; stabilising body position in flight, initiating and stopping rotation, reading the height gauge and the whole procedure of opening a parachute. The fact that the AFF training greatly reduces the level of stress, which you will experience during the subsequent parachute jump is important as it results in accelerating the training and makes it more enjoyable for both you and your instructor.
When planning your training, bear in mind that tunnel space is limited, so making complex manoeuvres requires experience and precision.

Will I learn to sit fly in one hour?

This depends on your current experience and skills. If you are in full control when flying flat on your belly or back, and if you are able to make a transition from one position to another, then you are ready to start sit fly training. We recommend that you fly together with an instructor qualified to do tunnel work during sit flying training.

Can I fly wearing my own suit and helmet?

Yes, of course, you can use your own helmet and suit in the tunnel. The only limitation is that we prohibit flying in helmets on which video equipment is mounted, camera holders or any external metal elements.

What if I lose control?

Even pro skydivers are never left alone in the tunnel. Flyspot instructors are in the flight chamber at all times. They have undergone special training to be able to help you immediately in case of any difficulty.

Is it possible to practise sit&head down flying in the tunnel?

Our tunnel can generate an air stream with a maximum speed of 290 km/h, which is sufficient to train any freeflying position.

How long is each session?

You can undergo training to a maximum of 10 or 15 minutes, split into 2 or 2.5 minute sections, during a 30 minute block. If you are in good shape, you can go through a few consecutive sessions like this, if you want to.

Do I need gloves and helmet in the tunnel?

To ensure safety, we require every person entering the tunnel to wear a helmet.
Gloves are advisable, but not mandatory.

Can I fly in the tunnel with another person?

To begin with, an instructor will verify your skills. If they are high enough, you will get a permission to fly with a buddy.

Does tunnel air stream always have the same speed?

Tunnel air stream’s speed depends on the skydiver’s weight and flight position. Air speed is adjusted for each individual flier – it is reduced for light skydivers and increased for heavier ones. If you fly flat, you need a lower speed than people who do sit fly or head down.

I use tinted goggles, is tunnel lit enough to use them or shall I get bright ones?

We recommend using transparent goggles, because the instructor communicates with the skydiver by means of gestures and eyes, so non-tinted goggles are more suitable.

Is tunnel flying easy or does it requires much strength? Will training shoulders, arms and legs help me with flying in the tunnel?

In the case of unfit skydivers, tunnel flying consumes a lot of power and energy. Power training of shoulder, arm and leg muscles will do no harm, but it is coordination and general fitness that really matter in the tunnel.

It is possible for another skydiver to record my flight, as it is done in tandem jumps?

There’s no need for it. The tunnel is equipped with an integrated video system, which records every session. The recorded material can be subsequently used during debriefing.