October the 4th we are running the completely new ones Flyspot 2-way VFS Scrambles for not only belly flyers:

Flyspot 2-way VFS Scrambles!

There are 2 levels of difficulty:

  • Rookie (only HeadUp – sitfly)
  • Pro (HeadUp+HeadDown)

The rules are simple: you only have to sign up and we are choosing (among all participants) your 2-way partner. You will fight for victory and rewards together.

Flyspot 2-way VFS Scramble contains of 9 rounds: 8 x 2-way and technical one.

  • 1st round is a warm-up. You can train single blocks and randoms or fly whatever you want. There will be also your 2-way tunnel speed for the next rounds adjusted.
  • Rounds 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 will be dertermined by the organizer and announced during the briefing. In Rookie category there will be 5 randoms (A, D, F, H, I) and 2 blocks (1 and 2). For Pro there will be 7 randoms (A,B,C,F,G,H,J) and 3 blocks (1,2,3).
  • In the technical round (the same as in 2-way FS) both of the 2-way players have to make a slalom between two ribbons one by one. In the Rookie category it has to be done in HeadUp (sit) position, for Pro it is allowed to do it in HeadUp (Sit) and HeadDown.
  • Please click the link and the link to see the blocks and randoms for both categories.


All rounds last 1 minute: 45 seconds of the time is a working time in which points will be counted (working time starts when both legs of one of the players will breake away from the net) and 15 seconds is a time for going out of the tunnel. The technical round will last 2 minutes.

We start every edition of Scrambles from short briefing, then we go for flying. Every player is going to spend around 10 minutes in the wind tunnel.

Minimal skills:

  • Rookie – skills of stable, secure flying in HeadUp and sitfly in all directions, grips catching and making transition from back to sit
  • Pro– skills od stable, secure flying in HeadUp (sitfly) and HeadDown in all directions, grips catching and making transition from back to sit, sit to headdown and headdown to sit.


Tunnel freefly suit (no grips, no booties, one- piece) and helmet required.

Reward for the 1st place: 10 minuts of flying (night time) for the best team in each category. Tunnel time to use within 6 months.

Price: 150 PLN (gross) / €35 per person!

The number of places is limited, so register now to be sure you can participate!


  • 4.10.2019 – Friday – Katowice
  • 8.11.2019 – Friday – Katowice