Are you a fan of thrills? Is adrenaline something that drives you to action? Or maybe you are thinking about a gift for someone who shows such features? If you answered yes to one of the above questions and in addition you live in the vicinity of Katowice, you should definitely familiarize yourself with our offer!

The wind tunnel in Katowice is great fun with a hint of adrenaline. Would you like to feel like you are walking in space? Thanks to our offer you have the opportunity to check how interesting the experience of staying in the air is. All at an attractive, competitive price.


Wind tunnels are used all over the world – and often for very ambitious purposes. They are used, inter alia, for testing the airflow around the object – thanks to this, car engineers can design more streamlined shapes of vehicles, and ski jumpers can “dry” train their position during the flight.

Now you can feel it all the hard way. All this thanks to tunnels generating continuous, constant movement of high power air, which is carefully calculated – so that it is completely safe. Special turbines are responsible for air movement, which are regularly serviced and subject to cyclical inspections – there is no room for negligence.