Flyspot is a place that was created in order to fulfill the dream of flying in safe controlled conditions, a dream that appears very often in the heads of our children – those younger and those slightly older. After all, Batman, Superman and Spiderman are flying, birds are flying, fairies are flying.

Our children can also start to fly. They can put on a superhero or fairy costume and after a short training by an experienced FLYSPOT instructor they can enter the tunnel and fulfill their dream of flying.

Children three years and older are welcomed in Flyspot, however, it also depends on an individual child. Flying in the wind tunnel is a rather unusual activity and there is a chance that a child may feel uncomfortable during the first contact with such strong blast of air generated in the tunnel. It is recommended that the younger children arrive a bit earlier than the suggested 30 minutes before the flight. This will allow such youngster to watch others fly, acquaint with it, prepare for their own flight, and get to know their instructor.

One flight in the wind tunnel equivalent to 2 traditional skydiving jumps at the 4,000 meter (13,000 feet) altitude each. While skydiving, the freefall phase takes around 45 seconds. One flight in our wind tunnel takes 90 seconds. The reason for such flight duration is the physical exertion one undergoes while flying in the wind tunnel. We tend to rediscover muscles that we had no idea ever existed. Additionally, a 90-minute dose of adrenaline and endorphins is truly a lot. The junior package includes either 2 or 4 such flights.

Dla naszych najmłodszych gości przygotowaliśmy dwa pakiety: Junior Starter zawierający dwa loty oraz Junior Pro, w których tych lotów jest aż cztery. Jeśli chcesz zarezerwować taki pakiet odwiedź nasz system rezerwacji. W pierwszej kolejności wybierz tam tunel, który chcesz odwiedzić. Następnie wybierz ofertę dla początkujących a następnie jeden z pakietów: Junior Starter lub Junior Pro, wybierz termin, a następnie postępuj zgodnie z instrukcjami wyświetlanymi na ekranie komputera.

In such case, please contact one of our organized group event coordinators: Oliwia Krywult in Warsaw or Magda Wojciechowską in Katowice.

We encourage you to visit our online store where you will find all available gift options – an electronic voucher delivered to you via email or a plastic card with a coated strip revealing your claim code once scratched off delivered to you in an elegant gift box.

It is very much possible and we have prepared a special program, called FLYSPOT PLAYGROUND, allowing the youngest athletes to begin training under the supervision of our experienced instructors.

In general, our guest is accompanied only by their instructor. In unique circumstances, a parent is allowed inside the air lock just outside the flight chamber. However, it is not necessary. Our instructor will supervise and guide our little guest during the entire stay in the tunnel.

The wind tunnel is safe for kids and adults alike. Kids over three years of age are allowed inside the tunnel – what goes without saying, they remain under a continuous care of the instructor who makes sure they are safe and comfortable. The tunnel’s power is then limited to a very low level guaranteeing an absolute safety for our young guest.

There are couple different packages in the junior group with prices varying from 199PLN (including 2 flights from Monday through Thursday) to 389PLN (including 4 flights from Monday through Thursday). Weekend flights are slightly more expensive.

Unfortunately, it is not possible. The minimal package for one person includes 2 flights in the wind tunnel and it is not dividable. It is due to the fact that the first flight allows for our guest to get accustomed with our reality.