FLYSPOT for Kids

Flyspot is a place that was created in order to fulfill the dream of flying in safe controlled conditions, a dream that appears very often in the heads of our children – those younger and those slightly older. After all, Batman, Superman and Spiderman are flying, birds are flying, fairies are flying.

Our children can also start flying. They can put on the costume of a superhero or fortune-teller, after a short training conducted by an experienced instructor to enter the tunnel and fulfill your dream of flying!


e invite 3 year old children to the tunnel, however, a lot depends also on the child. Flying in the tunnel is quite an unprecedented activity and the child may feel uncomfortable at the first contact with a strong gust of air generated by the tunnel. We recommend that younger children come to us a little earlier than recommended for our slightly older guests 30 minutes before the flight. This will allow the child to observe from outside what he is going to do next, calmly prepare for the flight, make friends with the instructor.

One flight in the tunnel corresponds more or less to the freefall time in two standard tandem parachute jumps from a height of 4000 meters. In the case of a parachute jump, the free fall phase takes about 45 seconds. In a wind tunnel, our client will spend 1.5 minutes during one flight. This time is also set at this level due to the fact that flying in the tunnel is, in spite of appearances, a lot of physical effort during which work muscles of which we often had no idea that they exist. On the other hand, 90 seconds of such a dose of adrenaline and endorphins is really a long time. It is very long, full of emotions 90 seconds. There are two or four such flights in the children’s package.

For our youngest guests we have prepared two packages: Junior Starter containing two flights and Junior Pro, in which there are four of these flights. If you would like to book such a package please visit our reservation system . First, choose the tunnel you want to visit. Then select the offer for beginners and then one of the packages: Junior Starter or Junior Pro, select the date, and then follow the instructions on the computer screen.

I want to book a flight for my child, what should I choose?
In this case, please contact our event coordinator for organized groups: Magda Wojciechowska . We approach each event individually so that it would be an unforgettable day for our jubilee!

Please visit our online store. There are available gift sets Junior Starter and Junior Pro – ready-to-give gifts containing a one-time code enabling the use of our services.

Of course, yes, for such children we have prepared the program Flyspot Playground where our youngest athletes can start training under the supervision of experienced instructors.

As a rule, flights in the tunnel our guest performs only in the company of an instructor. In exceptional situations, the parent may enter the airlock with the child in front of the flight chamber, but this is not really necessary. Our instructor will take care of our little guest during the entire visit in the tunnel.

The facility is safe for both children and adults. The tunnel can accommodate children from 3 years of age – of course, under the supervision of an instructor, who watches over the safety and comfort of the child. The power of the tunnel is then limited to a very low level completely safe for our little guest.

For children, we have prepared packages from the junior group whose prices start from PLN 199 (with two flights from Monday to Thursday). We also have a package with 4 flights priced from 389 PLN (with the same assumptions). Flights on weekends are slightly more expensive.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The minimum package for one person includes two flights in the tunnel and it is already indivisible. This is due to the fact that the first flight is used to let our guest find its place in our reality.